Madison Drinker & the Novel

A little about Madison Drinker

Born: Oct 30, 1989.  Age 32 in fall of 2021

Sister: Sarah Drinker Howe

Mother: Andrea Jennings Simmons

Father: Justin Drinker, b. 1958

Height: 4′ 11″   


HS: Arlington VA, HB Woodlawn, 2003-2005, Wakefield 2005-2006

College: UCLA 2007-2011, Film and Television B.A.

Graduate School: Richard Henry Lee University, Washington DC, Psychology M.A.

“I probably won’t like it, and I require vodka and a large stuffed feta olive before I have to think about it.”

About the President's Daughter

In The President’s Daughter, enter the faced-paced world of opposition research in a narrative of gripping suspense and family secrets presented by lifelong Beltway insider James Gordon and BDSM and fetish educator and edgeplayer Rebecca Doll.  

Madison Drinker is a real-life masochist, with social ties in the underground world of fetish and kink. In her day job, she hides her emotional instability inside a high-stress and high-dopamine job in the world of opposition research or “oppo” in Washington DC politispeak. Graveyard humor and a lack of self-preservation propel her into an investigation which will pit Madison and her partner, a former British paparazzi turned foreign correspondent, against the most powerful man in the free world.

The ability to endure pain and emotional duress are tested as Madison investigates previously debunked charges that the sitting President, rough-edged former American Gunman reality star William Foster, was involved in sexual abuse of his daughter Kaidence and hired a Baltimore prostitute to roleplay her for bedroom games.

Madison Drinker pursues her goals against a backdrop of issues vital and trending in today’s world: sexual countercultures, family abuse, opposition research, populism, information freedom, privatized intelligence, marginalization of sex workers, the Imperial Presidency, and surveillance technology.  

From the holdout survivors of Washington’s haute cuisine watering holes to the scarred sidewalks of Baltimore’s Payson Street prostitution district, become immersed in a setting depicted in sharp and atmospheric relief by writers who know them well.  Crafted with meticulous precision and attention to detail, the story captures the grunge and glitz of Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia without stretching the bounds of politics or straying into science fiction.

"You ever feel you might be takin’ this being a hard-boiled private dick thing too far?”

“What you gonna do, sweetie?...I mean in all seriousness, I can ask around some of my friends who work for contractors, see if anybody is hiring. You’re educated, your writing on FetFo is pretty good. Maybe a technical writer position? I mean you’d have to write less about inappropriately old men gagging you with their cocks, but you’d adjust and the pay is better.”

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