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The holiday season should be a time for celebration.  For meeting with good friends and reminiscing about the season past.  Buuut…it’s Madison Drinker’s life, so the club her life revolves around is on the ragged edge of being shut down, while her ex is asking for advice on his first time fetish scene…with her best friend.  And of course, someone has committed a felony. 

Private Investigator Madison Drinker works by day (and odd hours) in the dark cloak and dagger trade of political “opposition research,” which gave us the Steele Dossier and pissing Russian prostitutes.  By night she trades her high-stress high-dopamine career for the high-stress high-dopamine life of a fetish sceneplayer in Washington DC’s BDSM world.  

Will Madison manage to make things work in time for the big New Year’s Eve “Ball Drop?”

Join us for a look at Madison’s other life in A Very Madison Christmas.

Set after The President’s Daughter, the story contains no major spoilers for the book.  But y’know if you’re worried about spoilers, the book is available!

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